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Subject : Rise & Fall of Caspian sea - level          Date : 99-07-01



Abbas Masoumian (born in 1929, graduated in 1957 from Tehran University

Faculty of Engineering with an in the field of civil engineering).

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In my opinion the cause of the periodical rise and fall of the Caspian sea level is;not in the increase and decrease of the in-pouring rivers drainage and regional precipitation , nor in the variation of sea surface evaporation ,nor in the variation of sea water density , nor in the elimination or spread of some parts of the sea area , nor in the deformation of the sea basin. In support of my viewpoint it should be noted that If the sea level rise was due to in-pouring rivers drainage and regional precipitation, then, for a rise of 225 cm ( What happened during 1987-94 ) the volume of sea water should have shown an increase of about 1500 billion cubic meters- and for a fall of 170 cm ( What happened during 1933 41) the volume of sea water should have experienced a decrease of about 1200 billion cubic meters. Since  observations and investigations have not shown such variations in the volume of sea water, these kinds of theories are not logical and substantiated. Also the views on the fluctuation of sea basin is not based on reality and acceptable .


    After many years of study and research,most of which is based on my observations dating back to 1953 , I have found another cause  for this phenomena, which is based upon the deformation of sea surface in the Caspian sea, as follows :

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